What is a "cozy wing"?

Dear Tom and Ray:

I'm writing to your cozy wing research department with an answer! I read in your column that you were trying to find out what "cozy wings" were. The cozy wing is the small, crank out window on older cars. The window's real name is the vent window. How it became the cozy wing, I don't know. As the owner of a 1956 Chevy, I refer to it as the cozy wing.

RAY: Thanks, Jack. Now if you're right, all we have to do is figure out WHY it's called the cozy wing.

TOM: It could be because when you open the vent window, it makes you feel cozy.

RAY: Or, maybe the guy who invented it was named Cosmo Cozy?

TOM: Obviously, our cozy wing research department is still open. Write to us in care of this newspaper.
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