Ideas for those who have a hard time hearing their turn signals.

turn signals
Dear Tom and Ray:

I'm having some problems with being somewhat hard of hearing. My wife constantly has to tell me to turn off my turn signal. I don't seem to be able to hear the "flasher," and with a tilt steering wheel, I can't see the turning arrow on the dashboard unless I move my head around. Is there a device to make the flasher louder? Are the manufacturers thinking of doing something about this situation?

RAY: You need to contact an "amusement park" company, Hal, and talk to the guy who designs their fun-houses. Have him install one of those big, hairy arms behind your driver's seat. Then set it so that when the turn signal has been on for more than 30 seconds, the arm comes up and gives you a good, old fashioned dope slap. If you don't want to go through all that expense, maybe your wife will volunteer to do this for you?

TOM: Actually, Hal, there is a less painful solution. It's possible to have your mechanic install an extra indicator lamp. It could sit on top of your dashboard, and flash prominently whenever either of your turn signals are on.

RAY: You may also be interested to know that there are several manufacturers that make cars with warning bells. And one of the things that sets off the bell is a directional signal that's been flashing too long.

TOM: But whatever you do to the car, Hal, it's important to address your hearing, too. If a hearing aid will help, by all means, wear one. Hearing is an important tool for driving. I mean, people can convey a lot to you with hand signals, but it's much safer to be able to hear what's going on around you.
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turn signals

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