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I wrote to you guys a couple of months ago...

Dear Tom and Ray:

I wrote to you guys a couple of months ago, but I guess my problem doesn't
rate, because you haven't answered it yet. Here it is again. My '88 Olds
88 stalls on my wife and me once or twice a month. It just stops running
and we pull over to the side of the road and wait a minute, and it starts
up again. Our mechanic has put in a new computer, alternator, battery,
fuel pump, fuel filter and water pump, and none of those things has
stopped the trouble. Do you have any other suggestions for us? -- Ray

TOM: Well, the only thing you haven't changed is the air freshener, Ray.
So I'd swap that out next.

RAY: Actually, you've already tried a lot of the stuff we would have
tried. But if you're still in an experimenting mood, the next things on
my list would be a new ignition module and new coils. So I'd give those a

TOM: And sorry about not answering your question sooner (and this goes for
everyone who writes to us), but we just can't answer every piece of mail
and e-mail we receive. We're overwhelmed by the amount of correspondence
we get. We get thousands of letters a week -- OK, hundreds if you subtract
the ones that come from the IRS. But even hundreds is a lot.

So thanks for bearing with us!
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