I work for a failed S L I expect to...

Dear Tom and Ray:

I work for a failed S&L. I expect to be out of a job within the next couple of months. In preparation for my impending term of unemployment, I have reluctantly decided to part with my 1965 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron. Being a banker, I have a high standard of ethics. I feel inclined to tell prospective buyers every little thing I know that is wrong with my car. On the other hand, my Realtor friend, Bob (not his real name), tells me I shouldn't say anything. Bob thinks buying a used car is something a person does at his or her own risk, and that no one will expect perfection out of a thirty year old car. What do you guys think?

RAY: Gee, David. I have to say quite honestly that it warms my heart to know that there are guys like you in the world. An honest human being. A truly decent person. A prince among men. Wow!

TOM: I agree. Which means you're the wrong guy to sell this car, Dave. Let that sleazeball Bob sell it for you.
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