I will be and getting my driver's license soon My...

Dear Tom and Ray:

I will be 16 and getting my driver's license soon. My parents want to buy me a new car, but we aren't sure which cars to look at. Can you recommend a 1993 model with the following features, and a price of $16,000 or less? It has to have: automatic transmission, four doors, anti-lock brakes, AM/FM radio with cassette, power door locks, lots of cabin room, easy to drive, dual airbags, power steering, AC/heat/defroster, power windows, ample trunk space, and leather interior.

RAY: All those options and leather interior, too? Gee, Sumner, the only leather that touched my behind when I was 16 came from my father's belt. And it came often!

TOM: Seriously, you really are asking for an awful lot for 16 thousand bucks. But if you can bump your parents up a couple of thousand more, I'd recommend one of the new Chrysler LH cars--either the Dodge Intrepid or the Eagle Vision. Those are both very nice, large cars that are available with all of the features you're looking for.

RAY: Right. The other LH car in that series is the Chrysler Concorde. But you can't buy a Chrysler if you're only16, Sumner. After all, what will you have to move up to when you graduate from high school?
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