I think you missed part of the boat in your...

Dear Tom and Ray:

I think you missed part of the boat in your reply to "Confused in NJ." Her cross-dresser boyfriend was going into the ladies room when she confronted him. I don't know about you, but all the women I talked to do not want him in our rest room. No matter how he is dressed, he is still a "he," and should not be going into the ladies rest room. We want our privacy with no cross dressers who may or may not also be peeping Toms. Sign me "Ladies Only Please."

TOM: Joan, I think we got some of Ann Landers' mail this week by accident. But we agree with you one hundred percent! That guy has no business in the ladies room.

RAY: I should say not. If all that was required for admittance was a dress, you'd have people like my brother in there with his camcorder!

TOM: We'll tell Ann she missed the boat, Joan. And Ann, if you happen to get any automotive questions this week, please feel free to go right ahead and answer them for us.
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