I recently purchased a Chevy Corsica Since it is computerized...

dealers, maintenance
Dear Tom and Ray:

I recently purchased a 1992 Chevy Corsica. Since it is computerized, is it necessary to return to the dealer (across town) for all services? For years I've been going to a local mechanic for oil changes. Can I continue to do that with this new car?

RAY: Of course you can, Barbara. When they say the engine is "computerized," that means that certain functions--like the flow of air and fuel-- are measured by the car's computer. That helps improve fuel economy and emissions.

TOM: But the technology of changing oil hasn't changed since the days of ancient Rome. Even back then, you brought your chariot into Lubus Jifficus, they unscrewed the drain plug, changed the filter, and put in four new quarts. And that's still all there is to it. So any mechanic can change the oil for you, Barbara.

RAY: A lot of people who buy new cars are under the impression that they HAVE to go to the dealer for service, or their warranty will be voided. But this is complete hooey.

TOM: You can have your oil changed (and the rest of the required service done) by any anyone you like...even your Cousin Regina. Just keep the receipts in case you ever need to prove that the maintenance was done.
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dealers, maintenance

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