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I read with interest your recent article on a customer...

Dear Tom and Ray:

I read with interest your recent article on a customer with a three year old Beretta with peeling paint. We at Chevrolet and General Motors are committed to providing world class service and products.
I would appreciate the opportunity to ensure that all factors surrounding her situation have been reviewed. If there is anything further that we can do for her, I will take appropriate action on her behalf. My contact comes to you as evidence that we are undergoing a cultural change at General Motors, and we are concerned about our customers. For future reference, we do have a toll free Customer Assistance Center (1-800-222-1020) as well as a 24 hour, 7 day a week Roadside Assistance Center (1-800-243-8872) for owners of Chevrolet vehicles. Feel free to publish these numbers.
Scott McLaren
Customer Assistance
Chevrolet Motor Division

TOM: There you have it, Gary. Let us know how you make out.

RAY: And Scott, thanks for your letter. We hope you guys mean it! And by the way, we figured you wouldn't mind if we publish your home phone number in next week's column, just in case any GM customers want a more personal touch! 2644

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