Which car company advertised the following: "When batter cars are built, 'XYZ' will build them."

advertising, bets
Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a small bet with a lady friend about an old advertising slogan. I say it was, "When better cars are built, Buick will build them." She says it was Ford who will
build those better cars. I bet her a Jackson that I'm right. Please answer this question and save me 20 bucks! -- Joe

TOM: We take a 10 percent commission on bets, Joe. Actually, you're absolutely right. "When better cars are built, Buick will build them" was Buick's slogan back in

RAY: Ford, on the other hand, didn't have a slogan in 1911. But from 1912 through 1925, it used the slogan "The Universal Car."

TOM: So I think we can all agree that when better slogans were built, Ford grabbed one.
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advertising, bets

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