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Convertibles that part your hair for you.

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a rather strange question for you. It's about convertibles. If you find your hair parting in the back of your head, does that mean carbon monoxide fumes are coming forward into the passenger compartment instead of being left behind as you drive down the road?

TOM: Probably not, Irene. Generally, when I see people with hair parted in the back of the heads, I that usually indicates to me that they're on their way to get an estimate from Sy Sperling of Hair Club for Men.

RAY: Actually, Irene, the air flow patterns around a convertible are very strange. The wind passing over the windshield creates a partial vacuum inside the passenger compartment, and that vacuum can actually draw in air from behind you.

TOM: But because the exhaust pipe is close to the ground, it's very difficult for carbon monoxide to actually accumulate inside the passenger compartment. In fact, you probably breathe more carbon monoxide from other people's cars while sitting at a red light in a convertible than you do driving down the road.

RAY: But just to be on the safe side, Irene, I'd keep my eye out for any possible signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Be on your guard for signs of abberant behavior... like writing strange questions to newspaper columnists.
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