Where can I find a wiring kit for a 1924 Studebaker?

auto parts, DIY, classic cars
Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a question that nobody has been able to answer. I own a restored, 1924 Studebaker and recently had a small fire under the dash with the wiring. I would like to rewire the ignition and whatever else is necessary to rewire. Could you tell me where I can purchase a manual or wiring diagram for this old car? Thanks.

RAY: Yeah, they had a lot of problems with the CD players and graphic equalizers in those '24 Studebakers. I'm not suprised it caught fire.

TOM: You need a copy of Hemmings Motor News. Hemmings is where old car geeks advertise parts and services for each other. If you can't find a copy at a well-stocked news stand, call them at 1-800-CAR-HERE.

RAY: If you don't find an ad for a manual, you may have to run your own ad looking for one. But that's your best bet, Donald. Good luck.
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auto parts, DIY, classic cars

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