Yeah, repairing your high-beams is probably going to be costly.

headlights, repairs, turn signals
Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am. Only my low-beam headlights work. When I try to turn on the high beams, the lights go out and my turn signals and hazard lights go out, too. Some time ago, I took the car to the dealer, which said it would cost more than $300 to fix. It would have to disassemble the steering wheel and remove the airbag. Is there a simpler solution? -- Keith

RAY: Sure. Don't drive at night.

TOM: But if you want to fix it, the dealer is probably correct. Assuming it checked for bad grounds, the problem is in the "combination switch." That's controlled by the stalk that sticks out of the left side of the steering wheel.

RAY: It operates all of those things -- the lights, hazards, high beams and directional signals. And to get to it, you have to remove the steering wheel and get the airbag out of the way.

TOM: It's not rocket science, and $300 is about right for the parts and labor. So I'd fix it, Keith.
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headlights, repairs, turn signals

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