What can be done about car doors freezing overnight?

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Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 1980 Mazda 323 and my car doors are freezing shut overnight; I can't open them in the morning. Is there something I can put on the rubber gasket to stop this from happening? I'm really sick of climbing in through the hatchback in my skirt and heels before work! -- Brittany

RAY: Geez, Brittany! At the very least, I would switch over to slacks until you solve this problem. I'm sure you're creating quite a stir in your neighborhood!

TOM: Seriously, Brittany, it's not that easy a problem to solve. What's happening is that moisture is seeping in around the door frame and collecting on the rubber weatherstripping that seals the door closed. Then that water turns to ice at night and causes the door to stick early in the morning, before the sun has melted the ice.

RAY: I'd try a water-repellent spray, like silicone or an Armor All-like product, on the weatherstripping. That helps in a lot of cases. Good luck, Brittany.
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winter, doors

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