What is a "buzz kit"?

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Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 1994 Honda Accord. I recently went to the dealer to have my car repaired because I heard a "buzzing and rattling" sound coming from the exhaust. A few months ago, I had the "heat shields" replaced. Now they are saying I need a "buzz kit." So, when I called around to some other mechanics to ask how much it would be to replace my buzz kit, no one knew what it was. What is a "buzz kit"? -- Jon

TOM: Maybe the dealer said you needed a buzz CUT? Maybe he was commenting on your hair style, Jon?

RAY: Actually, Honda does have something called a buzz kit. It's a kit that contains replacement gaskets and fasteners for your exhaust system.

TOM: There's not just one long exhaust pipe on this car. It's made of several different pieces. There's the front pipe, the catalytic converter, the muffler and a connecting pipe between the muffler and converter. And these parts are all connected to each other with bolts and springs. The bolts hold them together, and the springs allow the pieces to flex when the car goes over bumps.

RAY: The buzz kit provides all new bolts and springs, and new metallic gaskets that go between each of those connections, since this stuff apparently wears out and lets the exhaust system "buzz" over time -- usually at a specific rpm.

TOM: The buzz-kit parts cost about $90, plus you'll have to pay for a couple of hours labor to take apart the exhaust system and put it back together again. But if the buzzing is driving you nuts, this should fix it, Jon.
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noises, exhaust system, Honda

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