Truck pulling to the right, even after new brake pads.

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 1994 Chevy Silverado truck. It has 80,000 miles on it. I noticed that when I applied the brakes, the truck pulled to the right. It felt like it was the right front wheel, so I had new front pads installed. But I can still feel it pull a little bit. It is a light pull and does not happen every time. I can live with it, but I would like to fix it. Any ideas? -- Edgar

TOM: I'd watch your back, Edgar -- the back of the vehicle, that is.

RAY: You say it felt like the right front wheel, but it could just as easily be the right rear wheel that's causing the pulling.

TOM: This truck has drum brakes in the rear. And if you have a sticky parking brake, weak brake springs or a lining that's coming apart, any of these things could cause that wheel to lock up early and make the truck pull to the right.

RAY: Don't feel bad about replacing your pads, Edgar. Chances are, you needed to replace them anyway. And if not, I'm sure your mechanic needed to sell them. But look in back for the problem.
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