Hyundai Sonata Limited (2013 )

  • Pro List Icon Pros
  • It's a really nice car. Its highest level trim, which we test drove, came with a price tag of $27,595—about on par for vehicles in this class. We found it to be a cut above the Toyota Camry in terms of luxury and very comfortable.
  • It comes with a modern, efficient 2.4-liter 4-cylinder, direct injection engine and a six-speed automatic transmission that delivers a healthy amount of power in a small package.
  • Pretty good fuel mileage. We got 27 MPG in mixed driving--not bad for a car that can carry four people very comfortably.
  • One result of a smaller engine is that there’s lots of room under the hood, which we like to see. Why? Simple. Eventually, every car is going to need repairs. And, the more space there is to maneuver under the hood, the easier and more affordable the repair will be.
  • Like all Hyundais, the Sonata comes with a great warranty: Six years or 60k miles on everything, and 10 years/ 100k miles on the powertrain.
  • Surprisingly decent rear seat room and comfort for a car with a swoopy design.
  • Hyundai offers a hybrid edition of the Sonata, which claims to add an additional 12-14 MPG in the city, and 5-6 MPG on the highway for about $3,000 more.
  • Con List IconCons
  • Rear visibility is compromised by swooping rear end, although it’s better than some.
  • Entry through rear doors requires some careful head movement due to shape of roof.
  • Reliability isn’t quite up to the Toyota/Honda level, although not bad.

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