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Hyundai Genesis (2012)

  • Has all the luxury attributes you might expect at this level: seat heaters, rear camera, tilting mirrors, satellite radio.
  • Very comfortable seats and ride, plenty of room in the front and back, and very nice on the highway.
  • Fairly decent visibility for a car of this size, though a bit limited out the back.
  • Priced many thousands below the Infiniti M and the Lexus G. It’s in the same class as these vehicles, even though not quite at their level in terms of prestige, performance or track record.

  • The 14.4 mpg, our average city mpg, is borderline inexcusable these days.
  • We found it a bit “boaty”—after turning the wheel, it’s slow to respond. Not a “sporty” handling car.
  • People who see you driving this car think will either think you’re a genius, or that you didn’t have the money to buy the Lexus or Infiniti that you really wanted!

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