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Dear Tom and Ray:

My family just purchased a 1982 Volvo diesel station wagon with a 2.4 liter six cylinder engine. We couldn't help but immediately notice it's severe lack of power. For the 1983 model year, Volvo introduced a turbo charger for the same engine we have. We already know that a turbo charger is exactly what we need to boost our acceleration. Who would we contact about obtaining an after market turbo charger?

RAY: Did you buy this car by mail, Tad? You say you immediately noticed the lack of power. But unfortunately, you didn't notice it immediately enough. If you had noticed it before you paid for the car, you might have been able to do something about it. But you're stuck with it now.

TOM: There's a technical term for this particular car/engine configuration, Tad. It's called a dog. The Volvo is a pretty heavy car to begin with, and diesel engines are sluggish by nature. When you couple these two together, whoa! Suddenly guys riding shotgun on the backs of garage trucks are waving to you as they pass you going up hills.

RAY: There are a couple of ways you could try to turbo charge this Volvo if you really wanted to, Tad. There might be some nut somewhere out there who slaps turbo chargers on to these engines for a thousand bucks or two (try watching late night TV and see if you see any ads). Or a junkyard might be able to find you a turbo charged Volvo engine from a wreck and transplant it for you. But our advice is that neither of these options are worth pursuing.

TOM: Our advice would be to just sell the car and start all over again. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a recent Eastern German immigrant who's trading up from a Trabant. He'll probably be amazed at how much power this Volvo has!
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aftermarket parts, turbo

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