How does a Saab match up to a Volvo?

Saab, Volvo, 1989
Dear Tom and Ray,
I'm replacing my car next year and am considering a Volvo 740 or a Saab 9000S. My husband has a Volvo 740. How does the Saab compare to it?

TOM: I would have to say that the Volvo is slightly uglier than the Saab.

RAY: True, but actually they're similar in a number of ways. They're both well made, they're both expensive to buy and maintain. They're both safe, and they're both Swedish. There are differences, however. The Saab is comfortable, while the Volvo is comfortable by Swedish standards--which means it compares favorably to riding a horse bareback through a gravel pit. The Saab is quiet, the Volvo is quiet by Swedish standards--which means it's not as loud as sleeping next to a computer printer pumping out a doctoral thesis. The Saab is fast and will get you to the match in time to see Stefan Edberg. The Volvo is fast by Swedish standards and will get you to the arena just in time to see Mats Vilander play Boris Becker in the Finals. The Saab's hatchback and fold-down rear seat also give you room to haul many more boxes of Swedish meatballs.

TOM: One other important difference between the two cars is that the Volvo is a rear-wheel-drive car, while Saabs have always been front drive-cars. Where you will notice this is in the snow, when the Saab will get you to work on time, and the Volvo will leave you home to watch old Liv Ullman movies on pay cable. You say you like old Liv Ullman movies? Don't worry, whenever it snows, your husband will take your Saab to work and leave you with his Volvo.
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Saab, Volvo, 1989

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