Honda Accord Coupe (2013)

  • Pro List Icon Pros
  • Fun to drive.
  • Sporty responsive handling.
  • Powerful engine, optional manual transmission.
  • Honda reliability.
  • Taut suspension, but reasonably comfortable ride.
  • Not luxurious, but nice, tasteful interior.
  • "LaneWatch" camera. Ingenious. When you turn on your right turn signal, a high quality image of the lane to your right appears on the dashboard video screen (from a camera hidden in the right, side-view mirror). That should save many a bicyclist a trip to the ER. The image disappears as soon as you complete your turn, but can be turned on manually at any time. Like if you pass a bicyclist who looks cute from behind and you want to see what he or she looks like from the front. Not that we’ve ever used it for that, but, just sayin'….
  • Excellent cabin controls. All automakers are struggling over how many controls to assign to the car’s “touch screen,” and how many to assign their own “hard” buttons on the dashboard or console.
  • Honda may be on its way to the best solution to date. Honda has the typical, large video display on the center stack. But right below it is a smaller touch screen, oriented horizontally. Options to be “touched” show up as large icons on this smaller screen. As a result, we found our eyes were off the road for much less time.
  • In other words, if you want to choose an audio source, you press the source button. Four large icons for sources come up on this second screen (FM Radio, AM Radio, Satellite, USB/iPod, for example). They’re all very quickly understandable with a glance. And since the screen is smaller and oriented horizontally, you can reach for the button you want without having to look several times to see where you finger is landing. It works.
  • One improvement Honda could make is a swipe screen, so you can see the next set of choices (e.g., CD Player, Auxiliary) without having to look -- and take your eyes off the road -- to press the next screen button.
  • Con List IconCons
  • Sporty handling and performance are more fun for the driver than for a passenger. So those who are not in control of the car may find the responsive acceleration “jerky,” and quick turning “jarring.”
  • It’s a two-door car, which… well… sucks. Putting passengers in the back seat is a bit of a chore, as you would expect. If you’re used to a four-door car, you probably don’t even realize how often you use the back seat for packages, backpacks, and other stuff. Access is compromised.
  • Rear visibility, as it is in many cars these days -- especially sporty cars, is limited.

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