Honda Accord (2013)

  • Pro List Icon Pros
  • We're hard-pressed to find anything about this car that we don't like.
  • Quiet and comfortable.
  • Easy to operate controls, with simple and straightforward dashboard controls.
  • Direct-injection four-cylinder engine has plenty of power. Why anyone would want the optional 6-cylinder engine is beyond us.
  • Very well appointed. Spacious, airy feeling cabin.
  • Backseat is extraordinarily spacious -- it can easily fit three people, comfortably -- and the roof isn't so dramatically raked that there are issues with headroom.
  • The rear deck is somewhat high, but a backup camera helps mitigate the reduced visibility out the back.
  • Good visibility out the side windows, and we were impressed that the Accord’s A-pillars were not humungous, as they can be in an increasing number of new vehicles. It still has a side curtain airbag inside the pillar, which Honda seems to have successfully squeezed into the pillar, somehow.
  • We're in love with the Accord's "Lane Watch" feature. Turn on your right directional, and the camera that's mounted on the right side mirror will show you the road immediately next to your car, and for many feet behind it. If you don't care to run over cyclists or pedestrian's toes, Lane Watch is a great addition. You can activate it any time you want, too, by pressing a button on the directional stalk.
  • With the addition of the Lane Watch side cameras, there's no longer any need to adjust the Accord's mirrors to avoid the classic side-mirror blind spots. How will Lane Watch work when the cameras are covered in salt and dirt? Time will tell. They are in an easy to clean location, however.
  • Con List IconCons
  • EPA claims 26 city/ 36 highway, but we weren't able to reach those numbers. If you can attain those numbers by driving gently, you'll be doing well-- those are darn good numbers for a comfortable, five passenger car.
  • Ride is firmer than some other competitors in the same segment. That’s a plus for those who lean towards handing over cushiness. But those wanting a softer, more isolating ride, might prefer the Camry or Altima.

Other notes:
We test drove the four-door Accord.

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