Miss Ray's rather revealing tale of a highly personal misapplication of Sno-Seal?

Well, Ray's disclosure resulted in the sharing of number of similar sagas from our listeners. We thought you'd enjoy seeing some of our favorite mail on the topic, from a few Car Talk listeners who were, well, not quite cautious enough.

Got an embarrassing tale to share? We're all ears! Share your story here.


Dear Tom and Ray,

As an artist I've gotten into the habit of stuffing art supplies in any available pocket.

I've learned one universal truth. Never keep your glue stick and your chap stick in the same pocket.



My name is Glenn Staab from Hays, Kansas. Although no one has provided their last name in your segment of embarrassing moments, as soon as you would mention this as coming from Glenn from Hays, Kansas, most folks in ourlittle burg would have figured out it was me.

Anyway, in my younger days, I had a problem that often caused for the need of Preparation H. One morning, it became immediately apparent that I had grabbed the wrong tube; and it was apparent which tube it was - Ben Gay.

I instantly knew how Johnny Cash found the motivation to write "Ring of Fire."



Dear Tom and Ray,

David visited the VA Hospital to try to find relief for lower back pain. He was temporarily using a cane. The doctor reviewed his physical condition and Dave mentioned mild hemorrhoids.

Weeks later, Dave received in the mail a report from his physical, a box of latex gloves, and a tube of ointment. As guys do, he read only the big print on the tube. He put on a glove and administered the ointment in privacy.

In spite of the question forming in his mind, he administered it the next day, and finally voiced his astonishment that the burning was almost unbearable and did not feel like relief.

Reading some of the tube more closely, it said the burning sensation would quickly disappear. Being a smart man, he decided to call the nurses at the hospital. As he told hisstory to the lady on the phone, the light bulb went on for us all at the same time. Capsaicin is not an ingredient inhemorrhoid cream and Dave had long been over his back pain. Before you judge Dave, what would you think if you got a box of latex gloves in the mail?

Roni & Dave


Dear Tom and Ray,

My embarrassing mistake was when I thought I was puttingdrops of Murine in my eye, but ala, it was lemonastringent!



Dear Tom and Ray,

My dearly sainted mother LOVED saving bottles and reusing them.

I was in the tub one day and picked up a shampoobottle: apply, rinse, repeat BURN! Apply, rinse, repeat... BURN!

My head was burning like the front yard of HELL. I looked at the bottle and saw the foil label with a ballpoint pen indentation with NO INK saying, "LYSOL."

My peeling head still has hair. Can we sell this?



Dear Tom and Ray,

One time I woke up in the middle of the night with my stomach hurting. I wandered in the kitchen and grabbed the Milk of Magnesia - so I thought. I took a big swig. Ugh! I had gulped down Noxzema hand cream.



Dear Tom and Ray,

Since you asked for more embarrassing "misapplication" moments, I offer this classic: Thirty-four years ago, my mother made a big mistake as she prepared to meet me on a Manhattan street corner.

I was waiting and she was late, when a nearby store owner addressed me by name and brought me to his phone. It was my mom. She told me she'd reached for the hair spray and sprayed her hair liberally, only to find she had painted her hair with blue, oil-based, spray enamel!!

She'd had to buy turpentine, so the hair dresser could get the paint out. She met me - although very late - and the two of us laughed until we gasped!



Dear Tom and Ray,

My Uncle Earl (rest his soul), used to always tell a story on himself about misapplication.

Seems as though for once, he was alone on a Monday night - his wife having gone to an evening soiree. He was really anticipating being alone to watch Monday Night Football, uninterrupted.

So, he decides to take a shower and in the midst of the steam-filled bathroom, decides that he should apply acertain ointment useful for shall we say alleviating a certain aggravating condition of the derriere. So he reaches for histrusty Prep H and applies liberally. It only took a second for him to realize something was dreadfully wrong "down there."

He reached for the tube and then for his eyeglasses (oh that he would have done it in this order first) only to discover thatthe tube was not Prep H but Bengay! He reported that it was well after half time until he no longer had to assume a position over the hassock, fanning the afflicted area. To hear him tell the story made it all the more funnier.

Rockville Bill


Dear Tom and Ray,

When I heard the opening of this week's show, I was reminded of something that you guys might enjoy.

When I was a student at Penn State, my roommate and I shared a common bathroom with two guys in another room. This meant that either of the doors could be locked from the dorm-room side and with some planning, you could lock someone in the bathroom anytime you wanted.

We trapped my roommate one morning and left him inthere for much of the day. When we come home, he was very calm; and, in fact, the rest of us became worried. This worry was justified when we noticed a very faint note that had been written in the long-dried condensation on the mirror, It read, "Listerine? Urine for a surprise!" We threw away everything in the bathroom.



Dear Tom and Ray,The woman who mistook Prep H for toothpaste reminded me of when my assistant attended her 30th high school reunion. Someone suggested to her that Prep H used under the eyes would eliminate the baggy appearanceand loaned her a tube.

She used it and had a great time at the reunion. A few days later, she went to develop her film. She opened her purse and pulled the strap of her camera. Out flew the Prep Hand it sailed down the length of the counter. The clerk and the several other customers made an initial move to catch it then pulled back and all said, "Ohhhh..." when they saw it was a well-used tube of you- know-what.

Lauri had to muster all of her remaining dignity to walk to the end of the counter, pick up her tube, then calmly turn in her film for processing.



Dear Tom and Ray,I smiled benignly and shook my head like an indulgent aunt listening to the stories of lotion misuse this morning. A bit later my grandson's Spider Man toothbrush fell in the toilet while I was cleaning it. I threw it out and decided to brush my own teeth before going to the store to replace Spider Man. It wasn't 3 seconds before I realized that whatever was in my mouth didn't have the Crest-tingle I was usedto. Turns out I had put a dab of prescription moisturizer on my toothbrush.

I corrected the mistake without too much harm and you'll be glad to know that my gums are particularly soft and supple as a result.