Dear Tom, Ray, and the entire Car Talk family,

Thank you again for your generous support of my efforts in the 2007 Pan-Mass Challenge. The ride was a remarkable success. The only problem was the heat - by the 80-mile mark, it was over 90 degrees and I was clearly overheated. I'm sure I would've done better if I hadn't been drinking all of that Prestone.

One of the highlights of my ride was to see many of my patients at the lunch stop, including Henry and his parents. With the amount of progress that he's making, I'm expecting him to kick my butt in the 2027 Pan-Mass Challenge.

Seriously - and I promise to leave all of the jokes from now on to Tom and Ray - the ride was inspiring. Not only did I have the chance to ride for my patients and their families, this year was unique because I had the chance to ride with the parents of one of my patients. Once again, I am awestruck by the power of the Pan-Mass Challenge to inspire.

Again, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to your team, and the listeners who selflessly donated to this important cause. I've raised about $35,000 so far this year, and my team has raised over $180,000. Once again, all of the money that we raise will be used to specifically support pediatric oncology programs and research. Those who are interested in donating can continue to visit WWW.RIDEFORTHEM.COM. Contributions made through October 1 will be credited to this year's effort.

I will, of course, be riding in the 2008 and look forward to sharing more inspirational stories from the world of pediatric oncology with you next year.

With sincere thanks,

"Dr. Sam" Blackman

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