Dear Car Talk Friends,

It's hard to imagine but it's that time of year again. My son Henry just turned three which means a really great cause is just around the corner!

In case this is all new to you, here's my story.

I'm a former Car Talk Producer who managed to survive my years working with Tom and Ray, and have recently found myself hauled back into life at Car Talk.

During the intervening years, however, I had my beautiful son Henry (soon to be Mayor of Car Talk Plaza).

Tragically, he was diagnosed with cancer at birth and immediately began the fight of his life.

Henry is a miracle boy who has been cancer-free for 2 years and 10 months! He's been through it all: chemo, surgery, blood transfusions, ambulance rides, feeding tubes... you name it. And today, he's a hilarious little guy (clearly something inherited from Tom and Ray) who loves fishing, dinosaurs, chocolate ice cream, and construction sites.

Now, here's the "great cause" part and where you come in!

Henry's survival is thanks to recent medical advances in the treatment and diagnosis of childhood cancers. Ten years ago, he probably wouldn't have made it. But, it all comes down to money. Yup, cash-ola. From generous people like you who open up their hearts and wallets and contribute to ending childhood cancers.

On August 2nd and 3rd, nearly 5,500 people will take to their bikes in the Pan Mass Challenge to raise money to fight and treat cancers. They hope to raise $34 million! For the past two years, Henry's amazing oncologist Dr. Sam has ridden in the PMC. This year, one of his former patients is riding in his place. A truly heroic woman named Rebecca - a brain tumor survivor. That's right. Rebecca beat brain cancer and is now hopping on her bike to help find a cure.

To read more about Henry, the Pan Mass Challenge, and to make a donation, click here.

Henry and I, and all of us at Car Talk Plaza. hope you will join in this effort. Please donate what you can to this important cause.

Every dollar counts towards saving a kid's life.


Catherine & Henry

P.S.: Want to read more about how Car Talk got involved in this great cause? Dr. Sam tells the story, plus see some cool photos of Henry, and meet Rebecca... click here.

Ride for Them 2008: Read more about Henry, Sam's other patients, and make a donation.

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