Though the cyclists have come and gone, there's there's still plenty of time to support the Pan Mass Challenge. Here's how. Our own David "Calves of Belleville" Greene was one of the Pan-Mass participants. You can check out David's experience, right here.

There's a saying here at Car Talk Plaza: It's only Car Talk. By that we mean the world won't end if we give lousy advice, or, say, forget to make it to the studio on time.

But in my experience, there are one or two things that really do matter to Tom and Ray. One of them is to support great causes.

My son Henry recently turned 4. To celebrate his good health and his courageous battle against cancer, we're hoping you'll join all of us at Car Talk in supporting this year's Pan Mass Challenge - a bike ride across our fair state to raise money in the fight against cancer. Henry's "Dr. Sam" and our very own David "Calves of Belleville" Greene are riding in Henry's honor.

Thanks in advance for opening up your hearts and wallets.

Catherine "Frau Blucher" Fenollosa
Car Talk Web Producer, and Car Talk Associate Producer Emeritus

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