Dear Car Talk Friends,

We all know life isn't fair. Just ask Ray - he's been stuck with Tom for all these years! We get parking tickets, flat tires, ungrateful relatives. But there is an injustice you can do something about: help fight childhood cancers.

I'm a Car Talk Web Producer. In case my story is new to you, my amazing son Henry was diagnosed with cancer before he was even born. A fast-growing tumor had invaded his spine and was compressing his spinal cord. (You can check out his story, right here.)

Thanks to an incredible team of doctors and nurses, Henry immediately began chemotherapy, the day after he was born. He's one of the youngest patients ever treated with chemotherapy. (Not exactly something you want to be known for in the Guinness Book of World Records. We're still hoping he's got a chance at the fastest time to eat a 12" pizza.)

Henry is one of the lucky ones. We recently celebrated his 4th birthday. In this past year, he's learned to ride a bike, write his name, and swing on a jungle gym. These feats sound basic. But when Henry was born, his doctor's weren't sure he'd ever walk. All of Henry's accomplishments have been possible only because of recent medical advances - and the generosity of people like you, because medicine can't pioneer forward without cash. And lots of it.

On August 1-2, over 5,000 people will ride their bikes across Massachusetts in the Pan Mass Challenge to raise money to fight cancer. Last year, the PMC raised $35 million dollars! Every single penny goes towards this important cause.

For those of you who've battled cancer yourself, or watched a friend or loved one affected by cancer, I don't need to tell you how awful and life changing such a diagnosis can be. There were times when we weren't sure Henry would live another day. But, more and more kids are surviving this horrible disease. And every dollar raised helps make a difference.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to fight cancer. Henry's oncologist, Dr. Sam Blackman, is riding in the PMC in Henry's honor. And we're thrilled to say that fellow Car Talk producer David Greene has put down his donut and picked up his bike to ride in Henry's honor too!

After all, every kid should look forward to celebrating many healthy birthdays.


Catherine Fenollosa & Henry

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