Hi Folks,

Thank you very much for helping sponsor my ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge. Together, we've brought in more than $4800, which is going directly into cancer treatment and research at Dana-Farber. Thanks to you, I surpassed my individual goal by more than 15%. Our team, Pedals for Pediatrics has raised more than $213,000, and donations are still coming in.

Thanks also for making it possible for me to take part in an event unlike anything else I've ever done. I wish I could adequately describe the experience. The best I can do is boil it down to a few snapshots that I won't forget:

Lining up with thousands of other riders before dawn Saturday morning, our start delayed a few minutes by fog, listening to other riders making use of the time by sharing their stories, noting the incredible range of ages, bicycles, and hydration strategies around me.

Leaving the parking lot at 5:45 AM and seeing dozens of people lining the route to cheer us on. Riding through town after town where people came out at insanely early hours to shout encouragement, wave signs, offer us water. Having little kids stick out their hands for a high-five, and being able to accommodate them as I rode by. Feeling astounded that people would say "Thank you" to me just for riding a bike, and quickly developing the reflex of thanking them for coming out, and making each mile easier. Riding down Cherry Street in Wrentham, which turns Pan-Mass into a block party, complete with band--at 8:30 Saturday morning.

The joy I felt seeing my Pedal Partners, Henry, Leo, Catherine and Josh Fenollosa, at the 85-mile mark on Saturday.

The thousands of volunteers helping direct traffic on the road, offering food and water, medical help, and bike repair all along the way. All weekend, it was astounding to see the number of volunteers, and their dedication to making the ride as smooth as possible.

The incredible, once in a lifetime sight of Massachusetts drivers waiting patiently at intersections while police waved us through.

The big stupid grin I felt plastered on my face through the entire ride.

As far as the riding itself, it was great. For those of you who were hoping for a mileage rebate, I have to say I'm sorry--I completed the entire route.

Thank you for your support, in dollars and encouragement. And, a very huge thank you to the Fenollosa clan for giving me the privilege of riding on Henry's behalf.



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