We did it!

Two hundred miles, a few sore rear-ends, and not one flat tire! And the really big news? You helped to raise $23,643 for Car Talk's Team Henry!

As a whole, this year's Pan Mass Challenge is expected to raise more than $31 million dollars. And every single penny will go directly to cancer research and care.

To see more than 5,000 cyclists pedal their hearts out to fight cancer was awe-inspiring. To have our amazing Car Talk community band together to raise money to help kids like Henry was overwhelming. You guys rock! We can't thank you enough.

Please take a moment, and check out some photos from this past weekend (see below). You'll see heart-warming scenes, like Henry cheering on the riders. Inspiring images, like thousands of cyclists riding their hearts out. And vaguely unsettling ones, too, like our Associate Producer David "Calves of Belleville" Greene in Spandex.

Cheers to getting us one mile closer to a cure.


Catherine, Henry, and David

5am kick-off

Breakfast of champions

Encouragement for the riders

Mode of transportation

Fuel for the riders

Henry and the Green Monster

David and his support team captain, Barb

Henry welcomes his dad at mile 85

Cyclists take a break at a water stop

Some of the 5300 riders stop to talk to the kids


Two fer one

Car Talk's Team Henry van

Josh, Catherine, Henry and Ruby

Team Henry, mile 165

200 miles later - the finish line

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