When I got back into cycling a couple of years ago, it was because I realized that while I was never going to accomplish much with brains or looks, my legs were one thing I could use to try to do some good. The Pan-Mass Challenge quickly emerged as a cause I wanted to be part of because cancer has pervaded the lives of so many people I care about, and I've been able to see some of the very real benefits this ride has helped make possible.

I am honored to ride for Henry because he's shown more strength in five years than almost every adult I know, and my respect for him, Catherine, Josh, Leo, and Ruby is boundless.

My first year in the PMC was an unforgettable experience - riding through town after town seeing people lined up to say "thank you" and cheer as if we were in the last stages of the Tour de France meant a lot to me. But I felt that I was the one who should be cheering them because it was a privilege to be part of a family of 4,000 riders, each with his or her own stories. I'm back for a second ride because there is still so much work to be done.

I have noticed one odd thing, though. When people ask me how training is going, I have a hard time answering, mostly because the word "training" makes it seem like a chore. That 75-mile ride at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning is my version of living it up like Wayne Newton. There's no place I'd rather be, although Dunkin' Donuts does start to look more appealing around mile 65.

Anyway, thank you for supporting my ride, for supporting Henry, and for helping to make it possible for more stories to have happy endings.


David Greene

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