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Dear Tom and Ray:

We are planning to purchase a family vehicle in the next three weeks. We are currently looking at the Subaru Legacy L wagon, Toyota Camry Deluxe wagon, and the Volvo 240DL wagon (all standard shift). We currently have two boys, ages 8 and 4, but plan to expand our family in the next two years. The important aspects of the new car must be: 1) affordability; 2) safety; 3) reliability; 4) roominess: 5) low maintenance costs; 6) long life. We would appreciate a response to the three vehicles listed above and would like your recommendations.
Manuel and Lisa

RAY: For affordability, I'd get the Subaru.

TOM: For reliability, I'd get the Toyota.

RAY: For safety, I'd get the Volvo.

TOM: For roominess, I'd also get the Volvo.

RAY: For low maintenance costs, I'd get anything but the Volvo.

TOM: And for long life, I'd eat right, get plenty of exercise, and above all, try to maintain your sense of humor.
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