Hat in the River

The Puzzler

RAY: Imagine this: It's the first day of summer. You decide to rent a little rowboat at the dock and go for a ride. You begin to paddle upstream. Did I tell you you've got two oars in the water?

TOM: People say I don't have two oars in the water. What do they mean by that?

RAY: You're rowing upstream. You get a mile from where you put your boat in the water, and your hat flies off. You say, "Ah, forget it!" You keep rowing.

Suddenly, you realize that your two tickets to that night's Sleepy LaBeef concert are inside the sweatband of the hat. At that moment, when you realize you've also lost the tickets, you've rowed away from the hat for 10 minutes.

You turn around and you start rowing again, trying to get to the hat. You're rowing with the same intensity that you were when you were going upstream.

You catch up with the hat right at the point that you first put the boat in the water.

How fast is the current moving?

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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