Dougie's wife, Sip, shows up with an extra head from a transgenic experiment gone awry. "I needed an extra head to make up for the one that Doug's missing," she said.
Hell's Shriners right after they stole Little Bo Peep's purse.
Who says Car Talk isn't having an effect on the younger generation?
My, Britney Spears, your voice is so much, uh, deeper in person!
Finalists knife, fork, and spoon in happier times--before Tom and Ray tried to melt them down into ingots.
A Car Talk fan celebrates her arrival in Boston by getting hit by a Fed Ex truck, while former Associate Producer Louie Cronin the Barbarian shows off her new conditioner.
Racing Team Yugo!
They were having a good time until we tried to hang 'em on the guy dressed as a rearview mirror.