Bugsy (left) thinks he spots a lunch plate and Ray (Aladdin, center) backs into a prize cactus, while Tom (right) instinctively tries to avoid the guy in the IRS auditor costume.
Doug "the subway fugitive" Berman is let out on work release for the party.
Doug "sheep boy" Mayer shows up with his honey...and his girlfriend, Mary.
Man inspects the Mercedes' rear end.
Nice costume. Sadly, later in the evening she failed the float test.
Tragedy struck, moments later, when the cigarette guy met Lighter Man.
Two shredded Firestones. It was a good year!
This was one member of a gang of "Hell's Shriners" that scared the bejesus out of both Little Bo Peep and Cinderella.
Car Talk web site fans demonstrate their new Casual Friday outfits.