Hall of Really Weird Mail

My question isn't about cars, it's about gas. I think my carbon dioxide detector was triggered by my dog's flatulence. Is this possible? Please help.


Hey, whaddya mean, girls don't give wedgies?! I occasionally sneak up behind the old man and whammy him with a one-handed waistband snatch. Now that I am in my 50's, I don't do the atomic wedgies so hot, but believe me, I can still bust your crack.


Can I fax to you a list of stuff that I'd like to get done, and get some price ranges for the various scenarios? Can you hurry? It's urgent.


My father and I have a friendly argument about whether your callers are "real people" with actual car problems or professional voice actors impersonating people with car problems. He thinks your callers are actors -- he says the women who call in know way too much about cars. So, which is it?


I have instructed my husband and all family members that if I am ever in a coma in which I cannot move or speak that they are to play Car Talk continuously until I either revive or die.


I am mechanical engineering student and I need a complete history of fuel injection systems for my project for tomorrow. Thanks.


I recently tried to answer an overheating problem question on the Car Talk bulletin board and got a message back that my answer could not be sent because of "inappropriate content."

I suggested that the problem could be because of a collapsing bottom radiator hose, using the words "soft" and "suck" in the same paragraph. Please be advised that I did not do this with any bad intentions and would prefer that any records that you may keep be expunged of this unintended transgression.


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