Guess our WEIGHT

The Puzzler

TOM: Yes! And how prophetic it is, because I now am the owner...

RAY: Well, not yet.

TOM: Not yet, but I will be within minutes, I hope, the owner of one of these very cars.

RAY: Yes.

TOM: Going to replace the Dart and the Fiat.

RAY: Yes, and the car that Tommy is getting is the formula for weight, because in our system of measurement in this...on this planet of ours, weight is mass times the acceleration of gravity, or MG.

TOM: Augh!

RAY: So if you had a mass of one slug...

TOM: And you know your units, don't you!

RAY: Times the acceleration of gravity, which is 32 feet per second squared, it would weigh 32 pounds.

TOM: Exactly.

RAY: How many slugs is your MG?

TOM: About that! Wow!

RAY: Do we have a winner?

TOM: That's a great Puzzler.

RAY: Well, I don't know about great...

TOM: And a great car!

RAY: We'll see about that.

TOM: Well, we don't know if we have that. We do have a winner; the winner is Carol Strumpek--Strumpek! Hey, Carol, that's a great name, Strumpek, from Chantilly, Virginia.

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