Which oil weight is best for my engine to stand up to Saudi Arabian heat?

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Dear Tom and Ray:

Greetings from Saudi Arabia! I am stationed here for a year. I bought a '78 Chevy Caprice -- you have no idea how many of these cars are over here -- with a good-running, good-compression 305 V8. In the summer, temperatures are in the 120-degree range, and I'm wondering what weight oil will be best to help my engine cope with all that heat? -- Robert

TOM: I think you should just tap the stuff that's coming out of the well, Robert. That should be about the right viscosity. Just try to filter out the rocks first.

RAY: Actually, I think 20W50 would be a good choice for you. That's what we recommend for people in the hottest parts of the United States during the summer months.

TOM: But you also need to worry about your tires. You might want to take a lesson from the camels over there and travel only at night, Robert.
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oil, summer

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