The Great Grasshopper Race

The Puzzler

RAY: Two grasshoppers are hanging around, and each is boasting that he is faster than the other. To settle the argument, they decide to have a race.

The larger of the grasshoppers, Throckmorton -- or Throckie, as he's known -- can jump 10 inches at a single bound. The other grasshopper, Rocky, can jump only six inches at a shot. So the larger grasshopper says, "We're going to set up a racecourse that's 24 feet long: 12 feet out and 12 feet back."

They're each at the starting point. Vinnie Goombatz-Hopper shoots the gun, and they take off.

Now, even though Throckie, the bigger guy, can jump 10 inches at a shot, the little guy, Rocky, jumps more often. So when they get to the five-foot mark -- which is 60 inches -- the big guy has jumped six times and the little guy has jumped 10 times, but they're dead even...neck and neck...antennae to antennae.

The question is: Which one wins the race, and why?

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