Remember that sinking feeling when your car's not behaving, and you're miles from home?

Car Talk to the rescue!

Our new iPhone app, Breakdown Lane, can help you locate the nearest mechanic from Car Talk's database of listener-recommended garages, the Mechanics Files. See ratings, get directions and make a call– right from the app.

Also built into the app: roadside tips from Tom and Ray, including instructions for changing a flat tire and jump-starting your car. Waiting for a tow-truck? You can even listen to this week's show!

Grab Breakdown Lane now, and put Tom and Ray in your back pocket. In a manner of speaking, mind you.

Download it from the iTunes store

Find a Mechanic Nearby

Effortlessly Find the Nearest Recommended Mechanic

  1. Map your location and see the closest Mechanics Files shops.
  2. Conveniently view the results.
  3. Touch a map marker to view a short summary of the shop. Call the shop and easily get directions to the garage.
  4. Wondering, "Where the heck am I?" Map it, then text your location and make it a snap for your rescue party to get there before the vultures find you!
App store download Breakdown Lane
Breakdown Assistant

Essential road-side tips from Tom & Ray

  1. Tom walks you through the basics of changing that flat tire, complete with tricks that no owner's manual would share!
  2. Jump start a dead battery with step-by-step instructions from Ray, and avoid fiery conflagrations.
  3. Save the important details of your jalopy and easily share them with any mechanic.
  4. Waiting for your roadside rescue, and forgot to bring along War and Peace? No problem! Listen to this week's episode of Car Talk right from the app.
App store download Breakdown Lane