Golden Wrench Award

Winning nomination, submitted by Sally Campbell

Dear Friends,

I've lived in Manhattan most of my adult life so have had very little truck with maintaining a car, but for the last three years I've been living in the lovely small town of Guilford, Connecticut, caring for my 93-year-old mom and have full responsibility for a 1991 Honda Civic.

Last week I had just loaded up with Meals on Wheels to deliver around the town (makes a nice little outing once a month for my mother and me), when the car began to make a dreadful noise. I gently maneuvered over to a local auto repair shop.

The owner, Peter Palumbo, gave a listen and put a young mechanic immediately on the job with instructions to hurry, "She has food to deliver". He quickly removed the front right-hand wheel, found a tiny pebble, and replaced the wheel. While he was doing this, I could observe that all the mechanics in the shop were clearly happy people: smiling, talking, working away at the wide array of cars there.

When he was done, I asked him how much I owed. "No charge," was the answer.

When I told friends of this friendly encounter, they said,"Everybody loves Peter Palumbo" He is well-known in Guilford for his many kind deeds of service large and small.

This set me thinking about how to thank him and the many other wonderful people who do a really good job servicing cars across the U.S. I'd love to nominate Peter Palumbo for Car Talk's Golden Wrench Award.


Sally Campbell

P.S. He's cute, too, but am I, for that matter.

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