Golden Wrench Award

Winning nomination, submitted by Peri Grenell

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have the best car repair guys!

I love Dick's Auto Care in Mansfield, CT. I'd like to nominate Dick for Car Talk's Golden Wrench Award.

I have a '97 Dodge Neon with almost 190,000 miles on it. When I asked if I should start looking for a car to replace it they said, "Why, it's got another winter in it."

They keep it and me alive. When the brake light came on they wouldn't let me drive it to them, but came and got it and sure enough, the brakes would have gone on the way to the shop.

They drive people home, the pick up my snow tires and are just really good old-fashioned honest good guys -- and pretty funny too. It's a little shop with great mechanics, four of them. They've been in the same location forever!

Just thought someone ought to know about them.


Peri Grenell

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