"Go forth, my son, buyeth yourself a used Nissan."

trucks, Nissan
Dear Tom and Ray:

I am looking for a used 4 X 4 pickup. I'd like to get a 1986-89 with a V-6 and extended cab. I like the styling of the Nissan. Are they good, reliable trucks?


RAY: I can tell already that this is a request for "positive reinforcement." You've already fallen in love with the Nissan. Right, Ed? All you want is our blessing.

TOM: Go forth, my son, buyeth yourself a used Nissan. Getteth it with a V-VI (that's V-6 in roman numerals) fuel injected engine. Be sureth you findeth one with an extended cab. Getteth one with a decent stereo and a tapeth decketh. And by all means, getteth a truck with foggeth lights (they're very cool).

RAY: Actually, Ed, the Nissan is a fine choice. In our experience, Nissan's have proven to be reliable trucks. Just be sure you have your mechanic thoroughly inspect the vehicle before you buy it.

TOM: Of course, the only draw back to the Nissan is that it's not a full size pick up... and you know what that means. You'll have to incur the ridicule of your neighbors when you have a pickup truck sitting in the driveway, and you STILL have to have the lumber yard deliver those 4 X 8 sheets of plywood.
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trucks, Nissan

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