Okay, maybe not.

But we did want to share with you one interesting idea that can make a dent in all the carbon dioxide we're pumping into the atmosphere. It's called "Carbon Offsetting," and it's our hunch we're all going to hear a lot more about it in the years to come.

What is carbon offsetting? In short, it means doing something, somewhere, to offset the carbon dioxide that your car spews out every time you go for a drive. In most cases, that means paying a company to perform the task for you. (After all, how many of us really want to plant a tree after rush hour?)

Before you read all about offsets, though, there are two things we'd like to stress:

Thing #1: Nothing is better than driving less. And when you do have to drive, why not use a vehicle that meets your needs ... without 300 horsepower and four tons of steel left over?

Thing #2: We like the idea of offsetting. But, that doesn't always mean it will necessarily happen just as you expect, or that it will be quite as effective as hoped. All of which makes Thing #1 even more important.

Yours in reducing gaseous emissions of all kinds,

Tom and Ray
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers