Gilligan, Skipper and a Case of Pellegrino

The Puzzler

RAY: Let's recap. The fire is pushing the flames in your direction at a rate of, say, two miles an hour. So if you run to the other end of the island, you've got five hours until it reaches you, and you know that everything on the island is going to be toasted, including you, unless you think quick.
TOM: Yeah!
RAY: And don't forget what you got. You got a flashlight. A life-size poster of Ginger Grant. A box of matches. A space blanket. And a case of San Pellegrino.
You could douse yourself with the San Pellegrino, right? But that's not going to last long.
TOM: You could douse the space blanket, but it won't absorb any of the water because it's, what? A space blanket.
RAY: Right. You could cover yourself with the space blanket and hope that the trees leave enough oxygen behind for you to breathe.
However, you save yourself with the matches. You turn around with your back to the fire. And you light the grass on fire in front of you. The same wind that's blowing that fire toward you, is going to blow the new fire toward the end of the island and leave behind a place where there's nothing combustible.
TOM: Oh! Man! This is great!
RAY: And you'll escape, but you'll only last two more days because there'll be nothing to eat on the island, and you'll be dead, but you'll have gotten two more days!

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