Get Out Your Matchsticks

The Puzzler

RAY: Now, I mentioned that there are two possible solutions, and one of them Dougie came up with right away, and we decided that was one of the moron solutions.

TOM: Wow! What did he come up with?

RAY: He said take the second I of the V-I-I, and put it below and to the left so it's 1 to the V-I power, or 1 to the sixth power, equals 1. My answer, however, I think is elegant.

TOM: Oh, yeah! It is, I admit it is.

RAY: You take that same 1 that Dougie used, and you place it touching the right upper portion of the V, and you extend it in a horizontal direction across the remaining I, making a square-root sign, so it says the square root of 1 equals 1. So who's our winner?

TOM: Our winner this week is Richard Kimball of Phoenix, Arizona. Congratulations!

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