Get Out Your Matchsticks

The Puzzler

RAY: Get out your matchsticks and make the following Roman numeral: 7, which is V-I-I. Then an equals sign, that’s two more matchsticks. Equals one matchstick. So, the equation reads: 7 equals 1.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: OK. Now, as was the case with the other Puzzler like this, you must move one matchstick and make this...

TOM: An equation.

RAY: Right, a valid equation. And you cannot make the equals sign, again, an unequals sign. So, you can't say, 6, for example, does not equal 1.

TOM: Nor can you touch the equals sign. All you can touch are the matchsticks making up the number 7, V-I-I, and the matchstick making up 1.

RAY: Exactly. Now, I'll admit there are two possible solutions. One, our Producer Dougie Berman came up with a few weeks ago, and that one we all considered bogus. And then there is the creative one, which is the one that we'll accept.

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