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RAY: Here's an automotive puzzler, from Bob Gossam. He says, "Some time ago, I married a woman with a Datson B210 -- The Honeybee, it was called. It was small, noisy, reliable, and fun -- both car and woman alike.

"But, one day, I had a problem. I pushed on the brake pedal, and it went almost to the floor. I didn't panic. I just pumped the brake pedal a little, and it came right back.

"I had the brakes checked out stem to stern, but there were no leaks, and there were no problems with the master cylinder. The calipers in the front were fine. The wheel cylinders in the back were okay.

"Still, the problem persisted. After much observation, I determined that it only happened after the car had been driven above 40 miles an hour for 10 minutes or more. After that, if I hit the pedal again, it would be okay, unless I continued to drive on the freeway, in which case it would reoccur at 10-minute intervals.

"I took it to garage after garage... and no one had any ideas what the problem might be.

"One day, I'm having a beer with an engineer friend of mine, and I tell him about this problem, and of course all the gory details. He asked me one question, and then told me what was wrong."

TOM: Is the question, "Is the seat bolted to the floor?"

RAY: That would be something you would ask, given the junkers you drive, wouldn't it? No. The question he asked is, "Did you buy something recently for this car?"

And the answer was, "Yes I did."

So...what DID he buy?

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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