I'd suggest a large spike in place of the driver's airbag. And maybe some of those Chrysler latches that fling open when you hit a pothole.
- Steve

Does it have an eight-track 300 W stereo? I don't think I could drive it without.
- Geoff

For your next model, you may want to consider resurrecting the Yugo.
- Bill

Talk about a chick magnet!
- Carter

Don't give up your night job flippin' burgers!
- Kenneth

You guys should be careful, one of the car companies will take you seriously. Oops! Sorry, they already did!
- Roger

You forgot the most important feature: No-Wheel-Drive(tm). With the NWD option, you put your feet through the rusted-out floor board and propel the DUV yourself, a la Fred Flintstone.
- Steve

Maybe you should call this the DUH, as in "Dart Utility Hearse," because I think it is a real deathtrap!
- Jon

I guess the Aztec was an early market test of the concept?
- Zorro

I was looking through your press release for the answer to the question most Americans would be asking: How many cup holders?
- Alan

I'll take one, but only if it comes with a built in mother-in-law, backseat driver.
- Steve

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