I won't consider buying a DUV until you manage to make it get below 2 mpg!
- Stacy

I'm even willing to trade my '93 Ford Taurus for them. On the other hand, I think I'll hold onto the wagon, it has many of the same features and it's paid for.
- John

Don't give up your night job flippin' burgers!
- Kenneth

I want to get one for the mother-in-law, and I am considering purchasing one for a reconciliation with my ex. I can foresee multiple purchases.

You have really done GM a big favor. Now, in all fairness, you need to work with Fiat and Yugo.
- Daingerfield

Out and out plagiarism! I have been driving that car for twenty years. It started out as a Lada Samara and I added bits from the junkyard as bits fell off. Eventually, I got the exact model you show.
- Ronnie

I think you are being too modest. You should really name it after yourselves and throw in a little Latin: Dawinian Utilitus Magliosi, or DUM vehicle.
- Paul

I sure am glad GM is finally listening to you. Are you working to have Ford listen to you, too, so that the American public can have another quality fashion car like the Edsel?
- Odrew

It needs a built-in cell phone that requires both hands to use.
- Douglas

Keep the innovative ideas coming. I'll keep ignoring them.
- Jerry

You guys have redefined the term, "Worse Case Scenario."
- Sandy

Maybe you can add some factory installed crud and brake dust so we won't feel the need to constantly wash and wax it.
- Meghan

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