Geezers and Old Cars

The Puzzler

TOM: A broken water pump. I used to look forward to that broken water pump all the time. No, am I wrong? Am I right?

RAY: You're close. You don't realize how close you are. No, what they lamented not seeing was all the digits on the odometer reading the same. Back in the old days, your odometer would read five digits, so it would go up to 99,999 and then it would flip to all zeroes. But, just about every year, assuming you drove 11,111 miles, you would see all ones and then the next year you could see all twos and all threes, but with newer cars having six digit odometers, you're not going to see that until you get to 111,111 miles and you may only see it once in the time that you own the car. Pretty sad.

TOM: If you're lucky enough to live that long.

RAY: And the way these old guys are driving 700 miles a year, they're never going to see it. So who's our winner?

TOM: Wow! The winner, the first winner of the new Puzzler Season is Roger Cook, from Burlington, Vermont.

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