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Quick Laughs

Hate Mail

What prompts an otherwise calm, peaceful person to set pen to paper for the sole purpose of telling us what morons we are?  We'll show you!

Car Talk in the Comics

What's so funny about a couple of brothers in a broadcast booth?  A lot, apparently ... at least if you're a cartoonist.

Lame Jokes

By popular demand: The truly lame jokes from our Time Kill Weekly newsletter.

Kill Time

Classic Features

Kill time with our top-rated web articles ever, including the worst cars of the millennium, the ultimate guy and chick cars and a tour through the garage.

All-time Favorite Letters

Read the best letters listeners have sent to us over the years.

Rant and Rave

What's ticking off Tom and Ray?  Find out, and add your vituperative two cents.

Really Hard Puzzlers

Car Talk's historic, folkloric...and occasionally interesting Puzzlers.  Can you answer this week's?

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